Welcome to the portfolio site for Artist Designer William H. Crabb. Owner operator of Artistik Assistance, Inc. There's lots of work here and I've broken it up into some categories to make things easier to find, also, so I can maybe get listed on some search engines in a few different categories.

    As an artist I don't usually do a lot of talking, but I'm told search engines like copy, so as a businessman and artist "see how I just stuck that key word artist in again!" I figured I'd give this a try. Most if not all of the pages have comment boxes attached so please feel free to write and tell me how great I am or how much I suck, either is cool with me.

   Any way the Digital art link has in it... well digital art, most of it is first hand drawn then hand inked and finally scanned and finished in a computer mainly photoshop but there are others. I guess that would technically make it multi-media art but whatever.

    The Traditional Art link that's pencil sketches, drawings, some charcoal, pastel, airbrush, colored pencil all that traditional art stuff. I've been doing that type of art since I was a child and some of it is from way back then, so if you really want to see how much more I used to suck check that out. I'm planning on dragging out some more of that stuff and posting it so it could get pretty ugly in there.

    The Game Art link has stuff I've done for the gaming industry, Slot machine themes and pay line animations, as well as a few GBA and Nintendo DS side scrolling backgrounds I did for Disney and DIC the Strawberry Short cake folks. some flash there so you have to have that but the side scrolling stuff lets you scroll back and forth so give that a try. I'm going to post some more of that stuff soon so if you like that kind of thing check back.

    The Animation link has well... you know some 2D and 3D. I'm a pretty basic level 3D artist but some of it looks pretty cool anyway. Most of it is from games I've worked on there's a TV spot I did for a law firm and I publish a Web Comic so there's some of that stuff also. Some simple models I use as sets in the Comic and a few fly around's just because it easy to do. I do a lot of rotoscoping so there's going to be some samples of how that works, I can do pretty much any thing you might want in 2D animation or motion graphics styles, and as I said there is some 3D animation I do but you'll get the idea.

    Any way if you read this far you're a better man then me. Hope you like the work and as before if you have something to say feel free.




Below are a few of my most recent animated pieces. There are more in the Animation section of this site. I do most of my 3D work in Lightwave and Zbrush and my post production in Preimere and After Effects. I also do a good bit of 2D work in Flash.





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