Graphic design covers a vast array of disciples for a wide variety of purposes. Print graphics can range from simple shapes and font treatment, to full illustration, photo manipulation, page layout and product design. The number of restrictions in this area of graphic design is limited.

In game graphic design all the same options exist, however the restrictions are numerous and constantly changing. Unlike print, where the artwork is the final objective, game art is by its very nature interactive. Not only does the designer have to produce visually impactful art, but all of the restrictions of the game engine must be adhered to. From color counts, resolution, file format and file size, to how each layer interacts with other layers and game assets as the end user navigates through the game environment must be considered. Game art is substantially more technical then other forms of graphic design. The art must allow for speed of play by being small enough in file size but big enough in impact “if a texture or effect can’t be seen it is a waste to put it into the game”. Reusability of graphic assets is often very important.

As game engines continue to become more complex and the restrictions continue to change, the artist must be able to grow with them, figuring out how best to implement new functionalities and features into their work. Artistik Assistance has the talent and knowhow plus the technical knowledge and experience to make the most of any game environment, engine, format or form, of game design. If your game needs to blast off the screen and grab your user’s attention pulling them into the world you've created, you need artistic assistance. You need Artistik Assistance!


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In addition to print graphics,
and graphic design, Artistik Assistance also specializes in production of themes, assets, and animations for video Gaming industry.